Soros partner predicted the collapse of the market bubble
The famous billionaire predicts another crisis, this time due to the unprecedented actions of the Fed
Jul 26, 2021
2 min read
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Stanley Druckenmiller, a former colleague of George Soros at his Quantum fund, is confident in imminent hyperinflation and, as a consequence, a market crash.

Druckenmiller believes that the plans of the US government to spend another $ 2 trillion to support the economy will likely overheat the markets and will definitely lead to its collapse.

The combined infusion of $ 10 trillion from the Fed spurred the recovery of commodity and stock markets, increasing their capitalization to a whopping 125% of GDP.

The billionaire claims this is the biggest bubble in his long career.

David Stockman, a former congressman and head of the Congressional Budget Office, predicts a 50-75% market crash, more than during the Covid19 outbreak. The best solution would be to convert your assets to gold to avoid a future crisis.

According to Stockman, large-scale printing of money is unjustified and the head of the Fed, Powell, by his actions, will lead the US economy to an even greater crisis.

the Fed has printed more money in the past nearly two years than in the last 100 years of its existence. Thus, according to Stockman, gold is the only asset that will maintain its value over time.

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