Bitcoin: S2F Prediction Failed - What to Expect Next?
Bitcoin Ends 7% Drop In November After Strong Rising More Than 41% In October
Dec 2, 2021
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Anna BakkerNews analyzer

In the first half of the month, BTC renewed all-time highs of about $ 69K, but ended the month at about $ 57K, having lost more than $ 4,000 since the beginning.

Last November was the third-worst late fall month in 11 years since 2011. The first cryptocurrency lost more only during the crypto winter, in 2018 and 2019 (-37% and -18%, respectively).

The beginning of December is a good month for BTC: in recent years, starting in 2011, the first cryptocurrency has grown six out of ten times.

The best December for Bitcoin was last year, during the crypto rally, when the first cryptocurrency rose 47%. The worst month was 2013 with a loss of 24%.

The average growth over the past 10 years is 13%. In this case, Bitcoin will be worth about 64.4 thousand dollars at the end of the year.

The inventor of the inventory-to-flow (S2F) model, PlanB, admitted that November did not justify even the “worst-case scenario” suggested by his model. According to S2F, by the end of the month, the price of the first cryptocurrency was supposed to be at least $ 98,000, writes ttrcoin.

November proved to be a flop for his predictions after hitting August, September and October, and this is the first major miss in 10 years, PlanB noted and called for another chance for its S2F model before the end of December.

Many experts expect BTC to rise in December, often referred to as the "Santa Claus Rally," CoinPot writes. The December breakout could end with a break above $ 70,000, but then a major correction awaits us.

At the moment, there are no reasons to start a deep correction in the market, but they may appear if the "whales" do not start the traditional pre-New Year "rally", writes RBC. This could bring the price of bitcoin down to $ 45,000.

Basically, Bitcoin has potential, as evidenced by the data from Glassnode. The correction did not push long-term investors to massive sales - over the past month, they got rid of only 0.7% of their 13.5 million BTC.

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