US dollar rises after the publication of the Fed minutes
USD accelerated its growth and bullish sentiment after the end of the next meeting of the US Federal Reserve
Aug 19, 2021
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The dollar index tested its highs over the past 9 months.

The results of the meeting indicate that the Fed will soon consider the possibility of curtailing the program to stimulate the economy. Also, by the end of this year, the key level for the procurement of government goods will be announced bonds.

The Fed has given opaque hints that it intends to tighten monetary policy, although disagreements persist over the exact timing of the cut in printed money.

As part of any of the three upcoming Fed meetings, it may be announced that it will start rolling back monthly purchases of $ 120 billion in mortgage bonds.

In the meantime, the euro is ready to renew new highs. However, the outlook for continued monetary stimulus makes the euro's outlook uncertain.

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Bank of America experts predict strong dollar growth. The same opinion is shared by HSBC, which expect the USD to strengthen, supported by the strong dynamics of economic growth in the US and the world economy. The Fed's actions to restrict the printing press to prevent another economic catastrophe add to the confidence.

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