Shiba Inu: listing but not on Robinhud
Shiba Inu (SHIB) jumped 27% on Friday to $ 0.000063
Nov 8, 2021
1 min read
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Some observers attribute this to the news of the listing.

The Shiba Inu token rose 730% in October, stunning many with such insane dynamics. The promotion came amid rumors of SHIB listing on the Robinhood app and on Kraken.

The petition to include the token in Robinhood has garnered over 500,000 signatures, but the company is in no rush to add support for Shiba. The head of Robinhood Vlad Tenev opened the possibility of listing under the supervision of regulatory authorities.

On Friday, one of the brokers listed the Shiba Inu, writes freedmanclub. However, it turned out not to be Robinhood, but its competitor, the American broker Tastyworks. He launched cryptocurrency trading on his platform in early February, but only four were able to trade. Tastyworks has the status of a professional trading platform, more focused on complex options strategies.

In general, the attitude towards the token is extremely optimistic due to the aggressive marketing campaign carried out by various exchanges. Shiba Inu's Twitter followers reached 1.8 million and surpassed Ethereum. The community of coins on Reddit has 414 thousand members.

However, an analysis of the addresses shows that the top ten custodians currently control 67% of Shiba Inu tokens, writes. Crypto investor Aapon Brown emphasized that the SHIB concept in one hand indicates a "fake game" and does not bode well.

Cryptokit moved $ 2.7 billion of SHIB tokens last week, which immediately scared investors.

Meanwhile, SHIB's profits ran out on Friday. Whales holding huge reserves of tokens can start fixing arrivals at any moment, which will instantly reduce the rate.

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