Saxo Bank shocked everyone with its predictions again
Danish Saxo Bank has published its traditional "shocking forecasts" for the next year, which will be released in December
Dec 3, 2021
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Anna BakkerNews analyzer

They draw the attention of investors to unlikely events that, if realized, could have a significant impact on the financial markets.

“The main theme of the shocking forecasts for 2022 is revolution,” said Steen Jacobsen, investment director at Saxo Bank, Interfax writes. However, the definition of revolution is broader and includes changes in thinking and behavior, as well as a rejection of previous paradigms.

1. The plan to switch to carbon-free energy by 2050 will be postponed. The authorities will loosen environmental restrictions on investments in oil and gas production due to soaring prices for fuel and food, as well as due to the threat of social unrest.

2. Facebook will lose popularity after the youth completely abandon the social network. Users under the age of 40 will be moving to new platforms, and investors are realizing that Meta is rapidly losing its future potential and profitability.

3. In the United States, a constitutional crisis will erupt after the midterm congressional elections in the fall of 2022. The losing side will not accept the election results, Congress will not be able to get down to business, and democracy in the United States will be "on hold."

4. Inflation in the US will exceed 15%. The political crisis in the United States will be superimposed on the economic one. Labor shortages will lead to higher wages, which, combined with persistent inflationary pressures from production and an energy crisis, will lead to a sharp rise in inflation. At the same time, the Fed will be late in tightening monetary policy.

5. The European Union will create a $ 3 trillion superfund for climate, energy and defense, which will be funded by pension contributions rather than new taxes.

6. The women's army of investors will bring down the world markets. Women investors will create an “army” that will launch a coordinated attack on companies with weak gender equality, which will lead to huge fluctuations in their asset prices.

7. India will join the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf as a non-voting member, which will reduce its energy security.

8. A new digital platform based on NFT will replace Spotify and other streaming services. Using smart contracts on the blockchain, musicians will be able to directly distribute music to listeners, track their earnings, and even receive money in real time.

9. The arms race on hypersound and the new cold war. Hypersound and space will be at the center of a new phase in the deepening rivalry between the United States and China on all fronts. They will be joined by other major powers with advanced military technology, including Russia, India, Israel and the EU.

10. A medical breakthrough will increase life expectancy by 25 years, leading to possible ethical, environmental and financial crises.

Meanwhile, none of Saxo Bank's 10 predictions for 2021 came true.

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