Cardano (ADA) nearly doubled - what's going on?
Cardano (ADA) Drops To 3.5-Month Low Below $ 1.60 After Being Delisted By eToro
Nov 26, 2021
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Since early September highs above $ 3, the ADA has almost halved in value.

Not so long ago, it was not the third place in the rating, the coin fell back to the sixth place in the top ten leaders in terms of capitalization. In the middle of the week, the eToro platform dealt another blow to Cardano by announcing the delisting of the cryptocurrency.

ADA's delisting decision so far only applies to US eToro users. The company announced that it would cease servicing the asset due to possible regulatory issues, coinpot writes. In addition to Cardano, the platform decided to exclude the Tron cryptocurrency (TRX) from the listing.

According to eToro, these two assets are under the potential to be banned in the US. If confirmed, Cardano will be the second top 10 altcoins openly opposed by the SEC.

The Ripple case is currently being heard in court, where the founders of the platform are accused of illegal enrichment and the issuance of XRP with signs of a security. If the SEC wins the case, then according to a similar scheme, it is possible to attract any project that uses tokens at the start to finance the development of the project, the cryptor notes.

Potential problems with Cardano are also indicated by the fact that large investors have begun withdrawing funds from ADA-focused funds for the first time this year.

According to Intotheblock, more than 51% of Cardano holders are at a loss: they bought a token at a price higher than the current one.

More than 11 weeks have passed since the post about future DApps applications on Cardano was published, but they are still not there, writes. One of the Reddit users drew attention to this.

Meanwhile, the developers of the Cardano project will increase the block size to 72KB to cope with the traffic that is expected to increase with the launch of decentralized applications, writes

This is just the first of a series of modifications that will take place to expand the real possibilities of Plutus scripts. The team plans to push these changes to the testnet on Thursday, November 25th. Once tested, they will be applied to the main blockchain on December 1st.

“The upcoming holiday season in the US promises to be an important challenge for crypto enthusiasts. When the cryptocurrency market comes to a standstill and the prices of physical goods are eaten up by inflation, conditions begin to form where retail and casual investors who are not convinced and long-term cryptocurrency enthusiasts may want to take profits and leave the market in the coming months. launch of the altcoin sales season, ”the GravityPlus team of analysts notes.

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