Bitcoin (BTC) Will Repeat Recent Rally In 2022
Well-known crypto expert Michael van de Poppe, who has over half a million followers on Twitter, gave a forecast for 2022
Dec 20, 2021
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Anna BakkerNews analyzer

In his opinion, Bitcoin will repeat the rally of 2020-2021, when the cryptocurrency grew by about 10 times.

Michael van de Poppe expects significant growth in crypto assets in the coming year. He outlined his prediction in another video review on YouTube, writes hashtelegraph.

Bitcoin will bottom out at around $ 40,000 in December. Otherwise, BTC expects a stronger correction, but the EA is optimistic.

In his opinion, the main sign that the bull cycle has not yet reached its peak is the fact that we have not yet seen a phase of euphoria in the market, and now we do not see massive selling from long-term Bitcoin holders. This means that only the middle of a bullish cycle is taking place.

Major altcoins will also bottom out in December and will begin to rally in the first quarter of 2022.

“Bitcoin will repeat the rally seen in 2020 and 2021. Under this scenario, the first and second quarters of 2022 will see the same vertical take-off in 2020 and 2021, ending at around $ 530,000. After that, there will be a prolonged bear market until a new bullish phase in 2024. This bear market could coincide with the global economic crisis, ”says Poppe.

Another scenario for 2022 assumes that Bitcoin will remain “relatively calm”, its growth will be interrupted by periods of consolidation and will not be as pronounced as in the first case: up to 100-120 thousand dollars.

In this case, Ethereum will become a key trigger that will refresh all-time highs much earlier than Bitcoin. Then the top of the bullish cycle will be reached later than in the first scenario, around 2023.

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